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Recital 2024

Just as playing a game is the natural result of learning the skills of a sport; recitals are a positive culmination of your child’s study with Dance Tree. Students look forward to their appearance on stage and to the praise expressed by the audience.


This year's recital will be held on Saturday, June 15th & Sunday, June 16th, 2024.

The location will be:

 Deer Park High School North Campus (Gaines Mason Auditorium).

402 Ivy Ave., Deer Park, TX 77536

            Saturday, June 15th                      Sunday, June 16th

             Show A -  1:30pm                          Show C -  1:30pm

                 Show B - 6pm                                Show D - 6pm


















  • Recital Tickets - There is no limit to how many tickets you can purchase. There will be 2 types of seat tickets you can purchase. You will be able to select "Reserved Seating" tickets that will be closer to the stage (these will be assigned seats) or "General Seating" tickets that will be open seating. Reserved seating tickets are $20 each and general seating are $15 per ticket. This ticket purchase is going through the venue's ticket system so you will need to put in your credit card information (I will not be able to use the credit card on file). Everyone entering the recital will need a ticket (2 and under are free).                                                                                          Recital Ticket Link -  

  • Recital Program Ads - If you would like to place a recital ad in this year's program the deadline is Monday, May 8th.  I have attached the ad form for you to fill out. Make sure you email with your completed ad or picture in the correct size. The person who sells the most ad's will receive a special award at recital!!!        

  • Recital Flowers - We have hired a company to come out and provide fresh flowers for our recital shows this year. Below is a pre-order link from the company to pre-purchase flowers. If you do not get a chance to pre-order flowers, the company assures me that they will bring enough flowers to sell the day of the shows. The flower orders will be ready for pick up at your student's show. Recital Flower Link -  

  • Recital Videos - VideoMasters will be videoing all of our recital shows. FREE Shipping and Email Delivery. Please allow 4-8 weeks. If you would like to purchase a keepsake video of the recital you can purchase with this link: 

Recital Costs

Pre-Dance, Creative Dance & Hip Hop: $TBA (includes tax)


Cheer & School Age: $TBA (includes tax) for a two-in-one dance costume or Cheer uniform with poms.













Costume Cost Information To help you with your budgeting each family will have a choice of:

(1) one-time discounted payment due by Nov. 15 or

(2) 2 monthly payments plan (1st payment of $/$ due by Nov. 15 & 2nd payment of $/$ due by Jan. 15)


*Shoes are never included in costume fees.

**Fee includes new tights or socks, costume, headpiece

and a downloadable training DVD of your child’s recital dance!!** 


  • Orders must be placed in advance. Each costume is special ordered to fit the child and coordinate with the dance. 

  • Payments received after Jan. 14 will be assessed a $15 late fee.

  • Costume fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • No orders will be accepted after January 15th. 

  • All account balances must be kept current for recital participation.

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