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For Parents

Thank you for your interest in or Dance Tree program. For over 50 years we have provided a professional service on-site at quality private and parochial day schools.


Please consider these unique Dance Tree benefits for you as a parent:


1. Classes are convenient and held at your child's facility. (Freeing you to enjoy your family time in the evening.)

2. We maintain strong family values and are very selective when choosing music, dance moves and costumes.

3. Our staff is trained and certified to teach the proven "Dance Tree Method".

4. All teachers are CPR, First Aid and Concussion certified. They meet all the requirements for Texas Child Care Licensing including fingerprinting and background checks.

5. We offer a Recital Experience and curriculum that is similar to our affiliated studio, but at a lower cost to you.



Are you wondering if your child wants Dance Tree?

Here are reasons we are confident our inclusive program has something for every child.


1. Dance Tree is FUN!!!

2. Every child likes to MOVE.....and dancing combines physical exercise, social interaction and the mental challenge of learning.

3. Children love music and moving to music reduces stress, adds joy and increases creativity.

4. Children need to belong. Dance class provides a framework for children to learn teamwork and discipline.

5. Kids like to SHINE! Dance Tree builds a child's self esteem through performance opportunities as a child receives praise from friends and family!



Contact your school or our office to arrange for a free trial class for your child.

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