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Providing studio quality in-house programs in private and parochial day schools in dance, fitness and cheer.


Please join us at Kennedy Dance Theatre for

ballet, tap, jazz, hip, Zumba kids and much more until

we can get back into your child's school. 


Dance Tree

On-site Dance Programs



Dance Tree offers classes with a Christian emphasis to students in private and parochial day schools. Our graded program is designed with age-appropriate movements and music for children ages 2 through school age. Because performance is the natural goal of study, we do provide the option of a large off-site recital for all of our students.


Our inclusive approach to movement education is designed to provide a broad base upon which to build a healthy lifestyle.


Certified teachers provide year-round classes to maintain continuity and maximize physical training.

We offer: Pre-Dance, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Cheer and Drill.


Dance Tree Mission Statement:

To nurture each individual through the art of dance, recognizing that all talents and abilities are gifts from above and should be developed to their highest capacity for His service.


Psalm 149:3


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